Client Testimonials

Note: FINRA regulations restrict Financial Advisors from making personal recommendations and endorsements on social media. We have omitted names below, but would be glad to connect you with these individuals or any of our other clients for a personal reference check.

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$1.5 Million Dollar Producer, Major Wirehouse, Chicago, IL
“Several years ago, I was referred to Bill as someone who could help me grow my business. At the time I wasn’t sure how a Executive Coach could help me achieve this outcome but Bill has exceeded my expectations. I cannot imagine navigating the complexities of the wealth management industry today without Bill’s insight and steady advice. Bill has been a sounding board and a friend, helping me make the right decisions. Because of his experience in the finance industry, he has capably guided me through accelerated change. Bill has been especially helpful when I have been confronted with significant obstacles that challenged my practice. It’s because of Bill’s counsel that I have a better understanding of what my purpose is in work and in life and how I can best navigate. Thanks to Bill I am combining my passions with my work and good things are happening.”
$1.6 Million Dollar Producer, Major Wirehouse, Atlanta, GA
     “With Bill as my coach, I have completely revamped my practice.  Previously, my day was governed by the markets, client incoming phone calls and all the things that can fill up a day.  Bill quickly analyzed my business practices and was able to provide specific actionable recommendations that produced immediate results.  Bill has helped me streamline my  practice  by focusing on the parts of my business that should be getting the highest priority.  I am utilizing my assistant in new ways.  We are now working proactively vs. reactively.  As a result of Bill’s coaching my business has increased year over year more than any time in the past ten years.’ 
     “Although initially, I felt a coach was simply going to tell me what I already knew, Bill broke through my personal barriers to identify those habits and routines that held me back.  I would strongly recommend any advisor who is interested in breaking out to higher levels to hire Bill as a coach.  He is like having another full time partner.’  

      “Bill has the unique experience of having been a Financial Advisor, building a successful practice from scratch, and that of leading advisors in a Senior Management role. Since Bill works with me independently, he is able to view our practice objectively with complete transparency.  Lastly, Bill is my go to guy with my biggest practice problems.  His input allows us to operate with complete confidence that nothing is being left behind at day’s end.”

Independent Financial Advisor, Greenville, SC
“Bill has brought a clarity, focus, and vision to my practice that I’ve never had in my twenty years as a financial advisor. He’s helped me identify wasteful activities that for years have cost me time, money, and peace of mind. As a result, my efficiency, time management, and productivity have increased. Having a clear vision of where I’m going has resulted in less stress. I’m able to do a better job for my clients and that makes my work more satisfying. I’d highly recommend Bill to anyone!”
$900K, Major Wirehouse, Pittsburgh, PA
“One of the things Bill helped me accomplish was helping me enjoy the Financial Services business again. Bill and I talked about focusing on the aspects of the business that I enjoy. He helped me find ways to make the business fun, which was a real breakthrough for me. Bill helped me realize that you can only handle so many clients well. He convinced me that it made sense to shed clients that I am not providing top notch service to, and the truth is these clients will not help my business. Bill’s philosophy on life changed me as a professional and a person.  My perspective is better, and I feel less overwhelmed by the business. I picked up some very valuable gold nuggets from Bill’s coaching that I am using in my practice today.  It has made a big difference in my life!”  
$625K Producer, Major Wirehouse, Columbia, SC
Bill’s one-on-one coaching advice around how to prospect utilizing “smart marketing” and the importance of tracking results enabled me to build a financial planning practice from scratch to over $130MM in assets in eight years.  I’m still using the coaching advice Bill gave me over the years to bring in new business and manage my existing book of clients.”
Senior Leader and former Financial Advisor, Major Wirehouse, Pittsburgh, PA
“Bill Has been a valuable sounding board for me throughout my leadership career at Merrill Lynch.  He has a real gift for helping people get to the truth. He has proven to be a steady and reliable resource to lend thought and perspective to personal and business related challenges. I am better because of my relationship with Bill Edmonds.”
$650K Producer, Major Wirehouse, Savannah, GA
“Bill Edmonds is an awesome coach!  Bill has helped me renew, refocus, and reframe my wealth management practice and my life.  He has done this by guiding me through a process of reimagining my practice and visualizing how a restructured and repurposed client experience looks.  Bill is able to draw wisdom and insight from his many years of experience leading some of the nations top Financial Advisors.  He has walked beside me as a guide with accountability and next step implementation strategies, with inspiration and “tough love” when deadlines and next steps are not executed.  Bill shines bright as a coach who understands how to help advisors rediscover their core values and mission.  He coaches with the head and the heart.”
$1.4 Million Dollar Producer, Major Wirehouse, Greenville, SC
“Bill is a man that has the courage to stand by his convictions. Friends are a treasure and a gift from God. They are devoted and trustworthy. Bill was a friend that stood by my side when my 34 year old son passed away . I am thankful for him!”
Commercial Banker and Former Financial Advisor, SunTrust Bank, Atlanta, GA
“Bill has been gifted with the ability to cut through the noise and identify critical issues and recommend practical solutions that are measurable. Bill’s clarity and insight has had a profound impact on me, both professionally and personally.”

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