Bringing Clarity and Focus...

The mission of Northstar Leadership Solutions is to bring clarity and focus to Financial Advisors by offering our services as an “Outside-Insider” – a personal confidant to come along side advisors and help them uncover solutions to the challenges and opportunities they encounter in their practice.

Financial Advisors experience much of the same stress levels that top CEOs encounter.  In a February 2015, Wall Street Journal article, “Burned Out Advisors No Help to Clients“, Veronica Dagher points out the serious problem of advisor burnout. The “triangle of symptoms” are emotional exhaustion, cynicism and a sense of low personal accomplishment. A report from health.com lists financial advisors as one of the 10 professions where workers are most likely to experience major depression in a given year.

The things that cause the most stress for advisors (think advisor.com):

  • Shouldering the responsibility for clients’ financial futures (83%)
  • Regulatory requirements (69%)
  • Sourcing new business and marketing (59%)
  • Financial markets (57%)

We provide help to mitigate these stressors.

The North Star stands almost motionless in the sky while all the other stars appear to rotate around it, making it a great fixed point for navigation.  Our goal is to help Financial Advisors realign to their North Star (their purpose), or perhaps align for the first time. Having a North Star not only charts your course, but defines it as well.


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